FIVE. Games...

2016-06-17 10:44:08 by Allu13

I am developing 5 games simultaneously, mostly making more concept for one at random times.

1. Shattered Memories (SHTMMOR)

- Mostly lacks graphics, programming and speech.

2. Cube-Hard 3 (CH3)

- Mostly done, lack of programming, random composers from NG.

3. Cube-Hard 2 Remake (or later known as Cube-Hard Remake Collection) (CH2R)

- Lacks programming and ideas, mostly self-made, Ayrayen might be the composer.

4. I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (BBNR)

- Lacks graphics, mostly self-made, Deemo-R might be the composer.

5. Kauppa Guide

- School project about customer service (not sure if it really stays like that), Ayrayen might be the composer.

More at my PersonalBlog.


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