My first art submissions, what?

2017-05-19 02:02:04 by Allu13

I uploaded an image and a gif today... Might be the only ones for now...

I'd say I'm an average "pixel artist". I can make decent work, but very detailed characters, backgrounds and especially animations are my weaknesses.

I might have to find a pixel artist (or artists) for my future game projects...

Well, please enjoy what I post.


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2017-05-25 13:44:30

You could always learn and get better over time like everyone else.

Allu13 responds:

I could, but I don't think I'm capable. Oh well......


2017-05-25 15:52:02

Why not? Everybody starts from scratch.

Allu13 responds:

Everyone is different. I seem to be, if not the only one, one of those people without "talent".
I'm autistic, meaning that I have social and mental problems. That's only one of my many flaws...
Not going to bother writing them here...

I have very little skill in pretty much anything you could think of; art, as shown, coding, writing, knowledge... Even thinking of these lacks makes me want to plunge a knife into my head...


2017-05-25 16:53:21

You dont really need much besides patience, honestly. Theres plenty of autistic artists out there. I may be one of them. Could even help, provided you can focus. Dont need social skills, dont need to be very smart either, just gotta have alot of time and patience.