I should be doing something...

2017-06-15 08:49:25 by Allu13

Lately, I haven't done pretty much anything to progress my game projects...

Midbyte is ready and I'm thinking of making a V2, maybe even colored...

BBNR takes a long time to take off...

I have so many game ideas and so little motivation for them. I'm a failure of a game dev...

My first art submissions, what?

2017-05-19 02:02:04 by Allu13

I uploaded an image and a gif today... Might be the only ones for now...

I'd say I'm an average "pixel artist". I can make decent work, but very detailed characters, backgrounds and especially animations are my weaknesses.

I might have to find a pixel artist (or artists) for my future game projects...

Well, please enjoy what I post.

Midbyte is OUT!

2017-05-14 10:40:54 by Allu13

Finally! After a few months of work, Midbyte is out on Game Jolt now.

Read the Devlog for some info about the game.

Thank Ayrayen for the amazing music!

Wanna see Midbyte's own site?

"God I feel good..."

GM48 Jam - I'm participating!

2017-04-16 08:07:05 by Allu13

With this dude, I am going to make a game within 48 hours. The theme is "descend".

Our game's called "Cave Invasion" and it's a scrolling shooter. The point is to survive as long as possible.

I make the graphics and he does the programming.

(Ollakseni rehellinen, en luota hänen kykyihinsä...)

After the jam, I'll post the game's link right here.

See Jam Entry

Another project on its way...

2017-03-03 14:23:03 by Allu13

I'm making a new game, maybe with a bit more content than SpaceX...


Feel free to say what you think about it.

SpaceX, my school project, is out:


Feedback would be appreciated...

FIVE. Games...

2016-06-17 10:44:08 by Allu13

I am developing 5 games simultaneously, mostly making more concept for one at random times.

1. Shattered Memories (SHTMMOR)

- Mostly lacks graphics, programming and speech.

2. Cube-Hard 3 (CH3)

- Mostly done, lack of programming, random composers from NG.

3. Cube-Hard 2 Remake (or later known as Cube-Hard Remake Collection) (CH2R)

- Lacks programming and ideas, mostly self-made, Ayrayen might be the composer.

4. I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (BBNR)

- Lacks graphics, mostly self-made, Deemo-R might be the composer.

5. Kauppa Guide

- School project about customer service (not sure if it really stays like that), Ayrayen might be the composer.

More at my PersonalBlog.

Why I'm here...

2015-04-09 11:04:27 by Allu13

Okay... It's hard to say why I have a NG account. My point was to upload some of my new/upcoming games here, but I guess there's a problem... I make games with Game Maker 8.1 Lite (Game Maker Studio Professional if I or my father could get it to work somehow) so I don't think I can make my games in Flash... I suppose I either upload my games somewhere else or I don't upload them at all. If I knew how to make games with Flash I think I could give it a try...

But I guess I'll leave it here...